Thursday, May 17, 2018

I signed up for a Karen K Stone workshop put on by the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild. 

She is famous for her New York Beauties.  All paper pieced.  So the workshop was on the technique of paper piecing.  The pattern for this workshop was one of hers.  I had collected fabric for a pickle dish of the orange and lime green but after making two blocks, I decided that wasn't for me.  I thought this pattern would be much easier with fewer pieces.  While it is a little quicker, it still is  slow process. 

I finished one block in class and then finished a second block this afternoon.  I think I want to embroider or stencil something in the square centers.  Just haven't decided on what would look best. 

I usually keep a project in a box ready to take to retreats and such.  So it's not a quickly finished project.  I made one pattern up in February to take to a retreat I didn't get to attend because Dennis was in the hospital.  Now I can have another one to put into a box for such occasions.  The only problem with this theory is the guild wants to have a follow up class to view the finished projects. 
Worked the last few days on the borders for the Quilt of Valor quilt.   I finally finished it.  Yea!!!!   I'll need to find a backing that looks good with it. 

Been getting a lot of things sewed on this week.  If I kept it up, I might get some UFO's out of the way.  But I know that this flurry of work won't last, it never has.

The row by row shop hop is Sew Musical.  Amy ordered guitar fabric and we worked on making a LeMoyne Star with the fabric today.  First mistake is we wanted a 14" star and cut diamonds for a 12" star.  After that hurdle, The rest was pretty easy.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Here is the next quilt I'm working on for the Quilts of Valor.  It has been a trial and error quilt.  First I had to figure out how to make the swirl by cutting the center diamonds to different heights.  Then I cut the diamonds to 4 1/2".  After completing all the strip units, I made two diamond sections and realized that it was going to be too big.  The Quilts of Valor have a maximum size of 72" X 90".  And just the star was coming out to 96" without any borders. 

I then became the perpetual ripper.  Ugh!!!  Then cut it all down to 3" diamonds.  Now it will turn out a tiny bit smaller than I wanted, but at least I can add borders. 

I'll certainly be glad when it is finished and I can go on to something else...hopefully that doesn't need to be ripped out.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

 My sister-in -law, Diane has a silk painting accepted to the Symphony in the Flint Hills art show.  I went out to Cottonwood Falls with her and David to see the preview. 

 This is Diane with her silk painting and the rest are some of the ones I liked.