Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today, was a day of learning for me and others. Kaw Valley Quilt Guild held a workshop with Rob Appel of Man Quilting from California.

It was a reverse applique class. Something I had contemplated but just never had the starting point.

Rob is a very energetic speaker and teacher.   And the program helpers from the guild made it a much easier day with all the help on having the tables set up ready for us and ordering and picking up lunch for all.

I had a wonderful sandwich from Wheatfields in Lawrence, cranberry and turkey on walnut bread. My mouth waters just remembering it.

Now I just need to finish my zebra with free motion quilting in the negative spaces and a binding.

Thanks for a wonderful day!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jane Anderson is teaching a machine embroidery class the second Wednesday of the month at Overbrook.  I need to really use my new embroidery machine and so I took the class.

I think I only made one major mistake.  I didn't trim the shoe above the zipper before I started the satin stitch.  So trimmed it afterwards and now it has this fine fringe.  I'll just have to live with it.  The whole bag was done in the hoop, even making the bag.  I only have to blind stitch the lining where it was turned right side out.

I did learn lots, like how to restart when the bobbin runs out, how to go back to a previous color etc. I'd better use it again soon so I don't forget all these lessons.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

      These two table runner tops were sewn this week.   I'm hoping that my website will be operational soon.  When it is, these two tablerunners will be downloadable patterns when it is finally up and        running.  They are quick and easy to make.