Monday, November 20, 2017


Here three of us are working on Kathi's binding about 10:30PM during our Elk Falls weekend.  (Colleen was taking the picture.)  We finished Kathi's quilt in time for her to give it to her college nephew for his birthday.  Yea!!! 

He had asked her to show him how to quilt.  So she had him cut and sew together the top of a Turning Twenty.  Then she had it machine quilted.  She sewed on the binding and Sharon and I helped her do the hand part on the back.  Of course, we gabbed (and laughed) all the while.

Best weekend of the year!  We decided it ended too quickly and next year we will make it four days instead of three. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


 These are my crazy friends from way back in school in Gardner.  Of course, they don't really look like this. 

We found these masks at the Red Buffalo in Sedan, Ks.  Colleen (3rd from left) and Kathi (left) thought these would be fun for gifts at Christmas to some of their family.  Then we put them on and showed them to Jane Fry, where we were staying in Elk Falls.  Really freaked her out and we all laughed so much that we just had to have pictures of us all.   As one of my friends said, "it was the best $4. that we spent".  Hope their families have as much fun with them as we did. 

Wish I had pictures of these silly women as they really are so that you can see how eerie these masks make us all.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

 These are the quilts that won the Moda Bella Challenge that I entered. 
Left is first place, right is second place and below is third place.  I think mine could have used more piecing in the background. Just a guess. 

No wonder sales were down at market.  This is our aisle at 11 am on Monday.  Not a buyer in sight.  It's really hard to push your items to the ghost in the room. 

This is the aisle as of 2 on Sunday.  Again no buyers.  Attendance was down 30%.   But I think it was more.