Sunday, February 18, 2018

This is a quilt I've worked on for several years.  I had it cut out and in a box.   Every retreat I went to, all I had to do was get my sewing machine and the box.  Didn't even have to take a rotary cutter or mat. 

Now I have another quilt partially cut out to do the same.  But I'll have to include the cutter and mat since it's supposed to be done in strips and I'm making it scrappy.  I'll have to cut some of the pre-cut strips into pieces. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

 Dennis gave me my Valentine's Day gift early.  He drove us out to west of Emporia to take pictures of some old buildings that I find fascinating and would some day like to paint some pictures of or use them as inspiration for a quilt.  For a day in February the weather was pretty OK.  Windy but clear and semi warm.

This Old Stone School House say District 34 1896 and just north of 50 highway.

 This double arch stone bridge is at Clements and was built in 1886.
The stone mill is at Cedar Point.  I couldn't read the date at the top in the front of the building.  But my bet is that it's about the same vintage as the other two buildings. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Ooops.  As I quilted on my quilt ( pictured below), I found three of the squares in the center portion were put in backwards.  I looked at it a long time thinking that it wouldn't bother me.  Ha!  So finally ripped out some of the quilting, ripped the squares out, turned them around and hand appliqued them back into the quilt.  It shows up in the picture below.  The mistake is in the upper left hand  of the inner part of the quilt.  Where it shows up, there is a light square in the dark row and a dark square in the light row. 

Oh, well, it's fixed and I've requilted the part I had to rip out.  Certainly not getting it off the machine quickly.