Sunday, April 26, 2015

The shop hop is over.  This was a slower year than in the past.  I had time to quilt on my machine off and on during the day and that has never happened before. 

For me it was good.  I'm way behind on my quilting in my quilting as my machine was down for over 5 weeks in January and February. 

Now the bus tour is over.  It was two days of bus tours.  We fed breakfast on Friday to our bus before they left.  Then lunch to a bus on Friday.  Saturday we fed lunch and supper to two more buses.  Everyone on our bus was very complimentary except one woman who had trouble at most places.  The other said the food got better and better at each stop.  The Hampton Inn was newly remodeled and was a good choice.  Maybe some day, I'll go on one of these tours instead of staying home and working.  haha  As if I needed more fabric.

Hint of the week:  If you are having trouble threading your hand sewing needle, do two different things.  Cut your thread on a slant rather than blunt.  If it still doesn't want to go through turn your needle a half turn and try again.  Needles are manufactured by pushing the hole in the needle.  The top side is smoother than the bottom and so it will go through the top side easier.