Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's time to get in gear to do a few patterns for quilt market.  This is the first block for the first pattern quilt.  There's a lot of pieces in the block but at least there are only eight blocks to be made. 

I asked friends for suggestions for the name.  A few good ones and one that is naughty.  I won't be asking Kevin to name my quilts in the near future.  haha.

Next step is to correct the center column and then have Jeanette test the pattern.

The next pattern quilt is drawn out and I'm writing  the instructions for the quilt.  Also, haven't decided on the color combination to use.  I want it to NOT clash with the first pattern.  I would like my booth at market to be kind of coordinated or at the least not jarring to the eye. 

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